Welcome teachers, parents and friends...

Welcome teachers, parents and friends...
Have a look around to see what's going on in art class at Bradfield!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Memories...

How is it already time to go back to school? Summer flew by so fast! Well, in art class, we are hanging on to Summer for just a little longer.

Fourth graders have been remembering all of the fun picnics and BBQ they had this Summer while looking at Stephen Frykholm's graphic design posters for the Herman Miller Summer Picnic series. They are learning about how to communicate messages without using words-Not an easy thing to do!

Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse represented their Summer memories in very different ways:

"Farm in Normandy Summer" by Paul Cezanne

"Swimming Pool" by Henri Matisse

Third graders are drawing pictures of their Summer memories and framing them in a cool pair of shades. A very cute idea I found at That Artist Woman.

I can't wait to see their final designs.
They are having so much fun!

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