Welcome teachers, parents and friends...

Welcome teachers, parents and friends...
Have a look around to see what's going on in art class at Bradfield!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fourth Grade Giants!

Fourth graders are having fun combining two ideas from art history: 
cityscapes and giants! 
They learned about Goya’s painting, “The Colossus” and about the many different ways busy city life has been portrayed by artists old and new. We talked about perspective and design techniques artists use to give the feeling of depth in their cityscapes.
Students are now designing their own cities and giants. 
Here are some pictures of their work so far...

The Colossus

The Dragon Factory

Third Grade art students are still working on their papier-mache Chinese dragon puppets. They are beginning to paint and add details and should finish up soon!

Dragons, dragons everywhere!

Cats a la Klimt

Kindergarten art students just finished up a lesson about the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. They learned that he not only loved the color gold and swirly lines, but cats too! Inspired by his art, they created cat collages!