Welcome teachers, parents and friends...

Welcome teachers, parents and friends...
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dot Dot, Not A Lot!

....or, If I had it my way, NOT AT ALL!

Well, not really, but I do have a few issues with adhesives lately.

Glue was never much of a concern when I taught the older kids, but with the little ones, it can be a really sticky situation.

That's right. STICKY and GOOEY and MESSY and CLOGGY!!! UGHHHH!!!

It seems that I am forever searching for the perfect bottle of glue. I've used the traditional bottles and glue sticks. I've even gone as far as doing away with the bottle completely and just pouring globs of glue on trays.

Glue sticks, forget it! I have ordered those in the past and they are gone before I can even get through one project. They are so small that the kids walk out with them, accidentally throw them away at clean up time, lose the caps...etc. I just can't keep up.

Traditional glue bottles (The ones with the little triangle caps) drive me crazy too. The caps break off and they get clogged up so they don't work any longer. Also, they are a real pain in the neck to refill.

So, this year I bought these:

I have had a few kids have MAJOR glue spills with them. The glue pours out pretty quickly and if the cap is not screwed on tightly, the whole thing will pop off and then you have a BIG mess.

Oh, that was a fun day.

Other than that messy problem, they make me pretty happy. They do not clog up and since the opening is so wide, they are much easier to refill. So, I think I will stick with these until something better comes along.

Does anyone out there have any good ideas for making the elementary art glue experience more pleasant for me? If so, please do tell!


  1. I've tried using Crayola 'no clog' tip glue. It definitely does not clog up, but the glue line that comes out is pretty thick and it's not so easy to so precise 'glue-line' projects (where you draw a picture on black paper and trace over the lines in glue). The line with this glue is just too uneven. Also tricky to refil. BUT, it doesn't clog! I've also been trying out Elmers clear glue--- it's not as thick so doesn't seem to clog as easily, BUT, I've never found large refil bottles....