Welcome teachers, parents and friends...

Welcome teachers, parents and friends...
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Animals Giacometti Style

Kids are always trying to get away with drawing stick figures in art class. Normally, I send them back to their drawing pads to add some fat to those bony figures; however, when It's time to learn about the artist Alberto Giacometti, they get to go stick figure crazy!

The novelty of foil makes this a fun project for second graders and it is fast too...we finish in one class.

First I show them these Giacometti sculptures of a cat and a dog:

Many of my students are lucky enough to have been to the Nasher Sculpture Center and some quickly recognize Giacometti's artwork. So, we usually spend some time talking about their personal experience with the work. I ask them why they think Giacometti made his sculptures so skinny. I get answers like "...because they balance better that way..." or "...because they are starving..." or "...because he was trying to be creative..." It's always interesting to me to hear their ideas.

Finally, after all of that talk the fun begins! I pass out the foil (after a quick demo on how to shape the head and body) and they get busy. I place images of animals on all of the tables for them to get ideas from. The most important thing is that they DO NOT tear the foil. It must stay in one piece for this to work. Usually, I pass out a little extra for them to use for legs.

...and here are some student examples:

a dog

foil animal stand off

Texas Longhorn

a cat

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